Monday, September 26, 2011

The Adventures of Michael's Dedication

I thought that I would take a moment to write down a memory that I am sure will lose it’s humor and details over the years… but in this moment is vivid and funny.  The adventures we have with babies in tow are always surprising and keep me guessing.
Things around here have been pretty busy in the past few days.   Yesterday was my son Michael’s dedication and went off without a hitch, well as much so as anyone can expect with my husband Sean and I first time parents and a 4 month old!  
In an effort to have a content baby for his dedication I left our church service 15 minutes before it ended to get Michael from nursery and feed him.  As we all know, a full baby is ALWAYS a happier baby.  Leave it to me to leave my sticker to retrieve Michael with my husband.  You see our church has very strict childcare facility security, and I needed this sticker to be able to retrieve him.  We attend a very large church with 3 venues each holding 2 services a Sunday, so the childcare cannot know every parent without their child’s code.  After pleading with the woman to not make me go back into the service (Sean was sitting in the very front of the sanctuary!), showing my i.d. and answering some security questions they finally let me get Michael out.
After an uneventful lunch for him, a diaper change and some burping, we were all set for the dedication service to start.  Thanks to my sister in law’s genius, we got everyone’s seats in the front row for better pictures and videos (soon to come).  Michael fell asleep in my arms waiting for his turn and all was well… or so I thought!
Right before we went up, Michael unloaded a rather large and smelly package into his diaper for me.  Having no time to change him, I stood, holding in the giggles as the smell wafted around us and the Pastor as he asked us a few questions and prayed for Michael.  It was a humorous moment for Sean and I, bettered by the fact that Michael tried to pull down my top while we were up in front of everyone as well.  Thankfully we kept the giggles (and my bosom) all hidden away and made it through his dedication in one piece.
After a few more photos and some hugs, we all parted ways at the church and it was off to the races again for us, as we still had a family dinner and a wedding shower to attend to.  Needless to say, the day ended with many great memories and 3 very tires members of my family!
Who would have thought that a baby dedication could be so chaotic, fun and exhillerating?
Ahhhh the fun never ends around here…
p.s. I just read this latest instalment of my blog aloud to Michael (my 4 month old), as he sits here chewing a hanging Tigger toy attached to his vibrating chair (what a life!).  Michael jabbered away as I read to him, I would like to assume that my child is a baby genius and he was commenting on my wonderful writing abilities.  Unfortunately, reality has a better grasp on me, so I will assume that he was just talking with Tigger.  Although if he could talk, I am sure he would be asking me to pass on his hellos to all of you who faithfuly read me!  Thank you for your support -  

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